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Belangrijke dingen die elke visser moet weten over het gebruik van een zeeanker – Oceansouth
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Important Things Every Fisherman Should Know About a Sea Anchor Drogue

Deep sea fishing is one of the best hobbies to enjoy. These expeditions are always packed with anticipation and it is always super rewarding when you manage to lure a huge catch from the dark depths of the sea.

As a fisherman, you probably realize just how important the right fishing and boating gear can be for successful fishing expeditions. Most fishermen only focus on the basics like fishing rods and bait. But one of the fishing accessories you defiantly want to include on your boat if you love fishing or if you simply enjoy sailing trips is a sea anchor drogue.

What Is A Sea Anchor Drogue?

A sea anchor drogue is a type of pocket that is deployed off the stern to keep the boat straight while you explore and monitor underwater activity. This type of anchor will also slow down the boat when it races down a wave or when you have shut off the engine and want to haul the boat to a stop.

Sea anchor drogues can be made from a variety of material types, they can vary in design and there are different sizes available for different boat sizes. But the main principle of these devices is the same. They are all designed to fill with water and are dragged behind the boat to create friction and slow down the boat or keep it steady.

Good Reasons to Have a Sea Drogue

Sea drogues can be handy for any type of boat or boating activity. They are especially handy for fishermen because they can ease boat handling. Here is a quick look at some of the main reasons you will want to include this useful device in your boating accessories.

Slow Down the Boat

The drogue acts as a parachute and slows down the boat’s speed. This is useful because it allows you to lower your bait and lure effectively.

Keep Your Boat Straight

This handy sea anchor enables you to harness the current so your boat won’t be as vulnerable to wind direction. The drogue can be useful for canceling out the effect of the wind when the current pulls in an opposite direction. Your boat will stay nice and straight without having to paddle or start up the motor.

Allow Your Boat to Travel Sideways

If you want to fish along drop-offs, ridges, gutters, or structures that are running at a 90-degree angle to the current then you can use your drogue to keep the boat at an angle. If the wind has the right angle, the current will pull the drogue and boat in the right direction and you will have a much easier time fishing in these odd locations.

Keep Your Bait Close

Currents often draw your bait away from your boat before you have an opportunity to get something on the line. Your drogue will keep your boat swinging from side to side so it will stay closer to the bait. This can increase your chances of making a catch.

Acts as a Handbrake

One of the most useful tasks of a drogue is to keep your boat slow and steady when the wind picks up. This can be a true lifesaver if conditions get worse or if you get caught up in a storm.

A drogue is a very useful accessory to have on board. With this little handbrake, you will have much more control over your boat so you can be more successful at your deep sea fishing expeditions. Visit OceanSouth if you are looking for a quality drogue to add to your boat or if you perhaps need want to create a custom size that will match your boat perfectly.