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Krijg grip op deze 5 bootladders en -grepen – Oceansouth
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Get a Grip on These 5 Boat Ladders & Grab Handles

Boarding and alighting from your boat should be simple and straightforward, even in adverse weather conditions or if your boat is rocking due to waves. That’s why good-quality boat ladders and grab handles are must-have accessories for your boat.

Oceansouth carries a wide range of marine products and accessories, including sturdy and dependable boat ladders and grab handles. Below are five great picks to pair with your beloved boat:

1. Aluminium Ladders

If you need a tough yet lightweight ladder for your boat, our Aluminium Ladders will get the job done. The 25mm anodized aluminum tubes and rubber non-slip steps and handles provide just the right amount of support for anyone boarding or alighting your boat, but these ladders can be used for other purposes as well.

Use these ladders for your swimming pool, at the marina or dockside, or at the lake thanks to their sturdy and easy installation. Store it away with ease with the foldable feet and hooks. Available with 3 or 4 steps.

2. Short Base Steel Ladders

If your boat has got a low stern, you’ll need a ladder that protrudes just far enough to provide access yet doesn’t obstruct the safe operation of the boat. Our Short Base Ladders – Stainless Steel are available with 2 or 3 steps and are compact in size, which also helps you store them away neatly.

The high polish 25mm diameter stainless steel tubing and the sturdy, welded rungs with a flat polymer tread give these ladders excellent durability and grip.

There’s no telling when a rainstorm will pass over, so a bimini top is a wonderful accessory to raise until you make it back to the harbor or until the storm passes over.

3. Long Base Steel Ladders

For boats with tall sterns, the previous short base ladders won’t do you much good. Instead, choose our Long Base Ladders – Stainless Steel and provide safe and convenient access to your boat.

Just like the previously mentioned short base ladders, these ladders are also made of tough, high-quality stainless steel tubing (25mm diameter) and welded rungs with flat polymer treads.

Available with 3, 4, or 5 steps depending on the stern height of your boat.

For smaller boats with fewer storage compartments, having additional covered space during a rainstorm is beneficial. Keep valuables nearby and under the protection of the bimini top at the first sign of rainfall.

4. Gunwale Steel Ladders

Mounting ladders to the gunwale of your boat is made all the easier with our trusty Gunwale Ladders – Stainless Steel. These ladders are specifically designed to be mounted safely onto the gunwale of your boat and are made of 316-grade stainless steel and feature a high-polish 25mm diameter stainless steel tubing.

Available with 3 or 4 steps. All of our gunwale ladders are completely foldable for easy storage.

4. Handrails

Whilst aboard your boat, it’s important to consider safe and well-spaced handrails along the gunwale or anywhere else where a good grip may be required. On calm waters on a reasonable day, you may not give much thought to handrails; during stormy weather or with large waves, however, well-spaced handrails and grips are essential for the safety of you and any passengers aboard your boat.

Our Stainless Steel Handrails offer a reliable grip and come in various sizes and dimensions for your boat. Handrail lengths vary from 229mm up to 610mm. All handrails have a 67mm height. The handrails themselves have a total length of around 70mm (or around 35mm on either side) beyond the listed handrail length, so consider these clearances when ordering handrails for your boat.