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5 tips voor het kopen van Bimini Tops van hoge kwaliteit – Oceansouth
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5 Tips for Buying Quality Bimini Tops


5 tips for bimini


Looking to buy a new bimini top for some much-needed shade whilst out at sea on your boat? Read our top five tips below before spending your hard-earned money:


01. Do You Need a Bimini Top? Or is a T-Top Better?

We’re going to make the assumption that you need shade for your boat (and you really do). The question for most boat owners then comes down to what kind of shade is best.

Most boat shade options come down to either bimini tops or t-tops. Each has its own ups and downs, advantages and disadvantages, and not all shade options are feasible for all types of boats. If you prefer a bimini top, which is flexible and adaptable to many different types of boats, then feel free to browse our selection here on Oceansouth.

If t-tops are more your thing, read our previous entry on how to choose the right T-top for your boat, and, again, feel free to browse our excellent range of t-tops here on Oceansouth!

02. Know Your Materials

Compared to t-tops, bimini tops tend to be a more economical option. This should never mean that they’re built cheaply, however. A cheap, shoddy quality bimini top will cost you far more later on in frustration.

When searching for bimini tops, keep an eye out for the materials used in their construction. Is the canvas made of a tough, rugged fabric? Is it anti-fungal or anti-microbial? Is the framing made of stainless steel or just plain aluminum? Cheaper materials will wear out or rust in just a few years (perhaps even shorter than that), meaning you’ll have to buy another one later on. Spend a little more on quality when you can.

03. Size and Mountability

This should really be one of the first considerations, but this list isn’t in any particular order. In any case, understanding the materials and quality of your bimini top is a good priority to have. Once you’ve found the right quality, such as right here at Oceansouth, you should consider the size and mounting of the bimini top.

Most bimini tops mount on the gunwales of most boats, but you’ve got to get the width, height, and span just right for your exact boat. This will take some shopping around to find, or you may need a custom bimini top made. Browse our extensive collection here at Oceansouth.

04. Style and Aesthetics Really Do Matter

You’ve probably spent a pretty dollar or two on your beautiful, beloved boat, so why turn it into a freak mutation by mismatching it with an ugly bimini top? Don’t rush into it; instead, think about color palettes that complement or contrast the rest of your boat.

Like the roof of a house, a bimini top is clearly visible from up close and from afar, so you had better make sure that you choose an appropriate color that blends the aesthetic of your boat well.

05. Shop for Good Value at Fair Prices

In most cases, it is perfectly safe to purchase a Bimini top online provided that the seller is reputable and that you’ve checked all of the above points. It’s a little like buying clothes online, so make sure you’re buying a product that will fit!

For custom fits, it’s best to enquire with a seller and learn more about their services to see if they can create your perfect bimini top for your boat.